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About our accommodation

Bed & Breakfast – Like a hotel

Bed & Breakfast means that the bed is ready when you arrive and in the morning a real breakfast is waiting. You don’t need to clean up after yourself.

The prices vary, but are generally between 300-450 Swedish crowns per bed in a double room.

On the map the Bed and Breakfast locations are marked in gold. Just search for the location closest to your destination!

Self-Catering – Take care of things yourself

With Self-Catering your accommodation becomes your personal hideaway. A luxurious feeling!

You decide when to eat your own meals and do the cooking yourself. The kitchen is fully equipped and has everything you’ll need.

Bring your own towels and bed linens unless otherwise specified, sometimes they may be rented from the host.

Before your departure, clean up after yourself. All of the cleaning supplies are available. In some farms the final cleaning is included in the price, or available for a surcharge.

The prices vary, just like the size and type of accommodation. Stay on a Farm offers everything from small cottages to larger buildings with multiple wings.

You can identify farms with Self-Catering on the map, they are indicated with blue.


Most hosts have everything that’s needed, but it’s usually a good idea to bring dish soap, dish towels, and toilet paper with you when using Self-Catering. Check in advance with the host to avoid misunderstandings.

Business Stays

Bed & Breakfast at Stay on a Farm is like a hotel, but more enjoyable. In addition parking is safe and only meters from your pillow. And with Self-Catering you feel even more at home during the workweek!

Our hosts are usually quite flexible and will accommodate your various needs, for example if you want to have an early breakfast or late arrival.

How to book:

Find your accommodation at

Contact the farm over email or phone to book your stay.

For shorter stays you may usually pay cash to the host, and longer stays are invoiced in advance. For more details about booking conditions, see Stay on a Farm's general conditions.

A confirmation of your booking will be sent a few days after your reservation and you can look forward to a nice vacation.

fredshog_hall_140 Business Travelers
Stay on a Farm is an excellent choice for business travelers. Low rates, complimentary breakfast and a feeling of home are only a few of the reasons. And no need to worry about the car, it is safely parked outside your room.

Facilities like wireless internet access, conference rooms and working space are available at many of our farms.
fredshog_hall_140 Bed & Breakfast
You choose the duration of your stay: a night, a few days or a week.

Bedlinen and towels are included in the price, just like any normal hotel. Nice and easy.
svenstorp_sovrum_140 Self-catering
Stay in a cottage on the farm or a flat in the host family's house.

You decide your holiday menu - the cottages and flats all have their own cooking facilities.


  • Contact the farm directly for bookings or enquiries.
  • Click on "More information" at each farm to find contact details.

Accommodation and organisation

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